Okay, so I have my 15 min­utes of fame com­ing up this weekend.

As most of you know, I am vol­un­teer­ing my time on the Board of Direc­tors and as the Communications/Marketing Chair­per­son for the Com­mu­ni­ty that I live in.

Our lender is host­ing a radio pro­gram this Sun­day from 3–4 pm on KFAI rai­do wave project and they have cho­sen to inter­view me for a 10 minute seg­ment about Man­u­fac­tured Hous­ing Coop­er­a­tives and how it has change dour neigh­bor­hood and my per­son­al experience.

I am VERY ner­vous about being on the radio LIVE! So keep me in your thoughts.

Also, I will be fea­tured in an arti­cle (in the ARTS sec­tion) of the Wall Street Jour­nal regard­ing Male Scrap­book­ers in such a female-dom­i­nat­ed arena.

My con­sul­tan­t’s hus­band was con­tact­ed by the reporter and she was look­ing for an un-vest­ed per­spec­tive, so they con­tact­ed me. I had two-phone calls and numer­ous emails back and forth with the reporter and I even shipped off two of my albums to them to do a pho­to-shoot of! (Yes, I know, I am ner­vous that they are not in my hands…)

So I am excit­ed about all this and just want­ed to share it with you all.

Also, Riley is on the verge of CRAWLING!!!! He walks pret­ty good if you hold his hands and he LOVES to jump in his jumper! He real­ly, real­ly wants to crawl, but he does­n’t real­ize he has to move his hands for­ward too! So he ends up doing a sort of ‘bel­ly-flop’ instead of mov­ing anywhere.

I will post pho­tos soon!

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