A few updates.

Okay, this will be a long blog. I realized that I went off on a tangent regarding Christmas Eve, but never detailed the other party. Check previous posts, also, because I added some photos.

First of all, let me talk about the Bares/Koener/Scott/Hotchkiss/Jones Christmas Eve Party.

As soon as we got back from my relatives brunch party, we had to hurry up and finish cleaning, putting out the food. I still had to make Apple Crisp. So I had my mom, core/peel the apples (with our corer/slicer/peeler) while I got the rest ready.

Everyone seemed to arrive at the same time. Which was kinda cool. No waiting!

We visited and ate first. Then had the kids get started on their Christmas Present dice game.

It was really funny, because everytime Devin got “doubles” he would point his two fingers (like a peace sign) at the dice and go “DOUBLES” in this crazed kinda voice. He was so funny.

But at the same time, the kids would get upset that they didn’t get doubles and sort of not-so-gently-toss the tray with dice at the next kid. So there was a lot of reminding to be careful going on.

And the kids had a TON of gifts to pick through too!

After that was all done, the adults started in on their version of the game. A lot of stealing was going on! The candy was being fought for so fiercly!

Then we moved on to the Indian Bingo game. Where there is one present per person and you draw a number. 1-?. You want the highest number. So I had #1. So I picked a present. Then whoever had #2, picked a present and then could trade with me if they wanted (not knowing what it was). #3, could then trade with #1 or #2. And so on. So whoever had #14 could trade with anyone.

I got stuck with some JONES SODA. Which is nasty soda that is a “whole meal” There are 6 bottles. One is Turkey and Stuffing, one is Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and so on. NASTY!

After that, we visited a bit more, had family photos taken and then people slowly filtered out.

All in all, it was a FUN night and I can’t wait for next year!

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One Response to A few updates.

  1. Margie Koerner says:

    Are you already planning next year??? We all think it should be at your house again. But if you don’t want to, just say so!! We had a great time.

    It’s always so nice being able to get together with all the family, too bad Jennifer & Jason & family couldn’t make it. We hardly ever see you guys any more, and it is always so nice to get together.

    I just want to say that your kids are wonderful, so polite and sweet. You raised a very nice family, and I’m sure Riley will be just as sweet!! And probably spoiled!!

    Love you Bert & Amy.

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