Life……… could be……… better

I am so tired and exhaust­ed. Not just phys­i­cal­ly, but men­tal­ly too. I wish I had a steady job. I keep look­ing at the clas­si­fieds and I just don’t qual­i­fy for all the design jobs out there. It sucks. I found a great one today, but I don’t have enough experience.

I also ran over a con­crete bar­ri­er today. Noth­ing huge, just one of those small ones that they have in between park­ing spaces. But this one is a park­ing garage, so it was a lit­tle small­er, but enough to make scrap­ing nois­es. So of course, I am all freaked out now. Amy says the car is okay, but I am so paranoid.

And I so wish I had a shit­load of mon­ey. Enough to build my home (in cash), pay off all my debt, get new cars and all the elec­tron­ics that I could pos­si­bly want.

So, does any­one want to give me mon­ey? I’ll dance for you (and the more you give me, the more clothes I will keep on.)

Real­ly. I’m seri­ous. You can pay me through pay­pal and my email address. It’s real­ly easy. And I do have a web­cam so that you can see me dance.

Just, uh, let me know, okay?

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