Well, we were over at the park com­mu­ni­ty room/storm shel­ter to sign up for the co-op that is going in place on Oct. 1. And some­one comes charg­ing in to make sure the room will be open because a storm is com­ing. So Amy and I fin­ish up and start walk­ing back to our home (which is across the street) and we see that the sky is dark.

So we get home, flip on the news and see that is is a severe thun­der­storm. So we keep watch­ing, think­ing were okay, and then they announce that there is a tor­na­do warn­ing for Anoka coun­ty. And then, as if on queue, the sirens go off!

So as we are going across to the shel­ter, some guy comes walk­ing towards me point­ing at the sky and I turn and look and lit­er­al­ly behind my house, about a block away, there is a HUGE cloud that looks like a un-formed tor­na­do, and it looks like it is touch­ing the ground.

So here we are sit­ting here, in the storm shel­ter, I have nev­er seen it this full. And HOT. Too many bod­ies in such a small place.

I can’t even remem­ber the last time there was a tor­na­do. Gosh, years ago. But I hope it pass­es us by. There is no radio in here either. So of course, no one has any idea what is going on outside.

I orig­i­nal­ly brought my lap­top to see if I could get online and keep track of the weath­er, but of course, no, my wire­less net­work is just not strong enough. Which sucks. And there must not be any net­works on this side of the park. There is about three by my house (across the street). Oh well. It would have been kind of neat to be THE per­son every­one looked to for weath­er info in here. The hero that saves the day (or in this instance, night).

And man, kids these days use such language….

Well, were back at the house and we are send­ing Cindy out to get Dairy Queen. Aren’t we nice?

Still watch­ing the news though.

Okay, Just as Cindy went out­side, the sirens went off, so she is in the house now and we are NOT get­ting Dairy Queen. Maybe anoth­er night.

Gonna go watch the news now..

(UPDATE: After it qui­et­ed down, Cindy went out to get ice cream. Dairy Queen was closed because half of their rood tore off from the winds!)

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