The art of mobility & valentines day

Well, my laptop is in the final boxing stage as I write this. It just has to go to the shipping stage and its on its way!

I am so excited. I am breaking away from “The Desk” and becoming more mobile. I will be able to design without getting out of bed!

I am also excited, my best friend is selling me her really nice Wacom Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet for really cheap! So now I can draw and paint like I used too, without the mess or an easel and paints taking up room! I can even sit on the couch and do it!

Life is just going okay so far (I know, after reading the above, I should be smacked). This year started out rocky, but I think it could be smoothing itself out (knock on plastic!). I was amazed at how much my tax refund was this year. I didn’t think I would get that much. Thank goodness I have a really good tax person (thanks dad!).

I think Amy is gonna get the Roomba! The little robotic vacuum. That way we can keep our floors and stuff clean all the time and only REALLY vacuum once or twice a month! I can’t wait! (UPDATE: we had to get her one when she was on bed rest while pregnant with Riley!)

I hope life is going good for you! I hope it continues to go well for me. Now that I will be mobile, I hope to contribute to my blog more and possibly the forum!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you Amy, Courtney, Dominic, Mikayla, Mom, Sissy, Dad, Da Boyz and all!

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