Today was my last Root Plan­ning and Scal­ing appoint­ment. So again I had to go under the gas and the novocaine.

My mouth is stub­born. Katie had to put more shots in my left side of my mouth than my right. It just was­n’t going where it should have.

Occa­sion­al­ly I could still feel a lit­tle bit. But it felt like more of an echo than any real pain. And I did feel like I was far away. That was a first.

I kept mak­ing Katie laugh. I like mak­ing peo­ple laugh. Can’t remem­ber what I did though.

Oth­er than that it went pret­ty well. I am glad that I don’t have to go through this again though. The appoint­ment itself isn’t bad, but the recov­ery after­ward is a lit­tle sore.

Here is a pic­ture of my numb face. My kids think its so funny!

Til next time.

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