The holiday is over…

Well, Christmas is over… and boy am I sick.

I have been having an upset stomach since Friday afternoon and it won’t go away. On top of that, I bought Amy the West Wing Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and we snuggled on the couch all day Saturday and all day Sunday watchin all the episodes. So now my back really hurts.

But it was worth it. The food was great, the kids got a ton of presents, I got some things that I like and Amy actually didn’t know what 2 of her presents were for once (Cause she didn’t buy them)!

Now if only work would pick up, I would be happy. Last week I worked only 2 nights. 12 hours. Thank God for holiday pay. That brought me up to 20 hours. I just hope that this week is a nice full week.

Well, I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday and they have a safe new years!

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