After get­ting home from Onamia Sun­day night, we decid­ed to get food for din­ner, but get some­thing some­what health­i­er than fast food or piz­za. We had our choice of Wendy’s, Quizno’s or Sub­way. We set­tled on Subway.

We get there and they are hav­ing a din­ner rush. There are about 3 peo­ple in front of us, but the first per­son is order­ing for a fam­i­ly so we are wait­ing for about 20 min­utes before it is our turn.

We tell the guy we want 4 kid’s packs. He pro­ceeds to tell us they are all out of rounds, so they will have to put them on 6″ size bread for no extra charge. Fine with us.

There are 3 peo­ple work­ing. The bread/cheese/meat guy, the top­pings guy and the cashier girl. The cashier girl is try­ing to hur­ry us along by ask­ing us what kind of 6″ subs we have while the top­pings guys is ask­ing what we want on the first one, while the meat/bread guy is ask­ing us about the next sand­wich. So my mom is try­ing to talk to 3 dif­fer­ent peo­ple at the same time. Mean­while the girl isn’t under­stand­ing that we are order­ing kids packs.

The bread guy keeps smoosh­ing the bread when cut­ting it so he gets all mad and throws the bread (lit­er­al­ly throws the bread) in the trash. The top­ping guy dis­ap­pears. So now the bread guy also has to do the top­pings as well.

We then pro­ceed to tell him we want a foot long wheat. He says the wheat is still too hot to cut. Okay, how long until it is cool. About 20 min­utes. Fine, we will have it on white. Oh wait, they are all out of white and it won’t be ready for anoth­er 20 min­utes. (could­n’t they have announced all this BEFORE WE WASTED 20 MINUTES IN LINE!) Fine we will wait.

So we step aside to wait and I look back and see about 20 peo­ple now in line. So I tell my mom for­get it we will just take the kids sand­wich­es (and then very loud­ly) AND WE WILL JUST GO TO QUIZNOS TO GET OUR OTHER SUBS. Every­one in line starts look­ing at each oth­er like, uh oh, why is he going to anoth­er sub shop? Mean­while no one both­ers to announce to these poor peo­ple that they are out of these breads.

So we go to pay for the kids packs and she asks if I want milk or juice. I say juice. She says we don’t have any juice left. WELL, THAN WHY DID YOU ASK ME WHICH I WANTED! So I sigh real­ly loud­ly and tell her milk. By this point she knows I am pissed. So we leave.

We dri­ve back home to tell Amy that we now have to go to Quiznos (she was against it to begin with, because she has nev­er eat­en there and does­n’t know what she would like)

So I take the phone with me. We walk into Quiznos–no one in line. We peruse, order our sand­wich­es, tell them thank you and how won­der­ful they are and how nice they are com­pared to our recent Sub­way expe­ri­ence. And if they all of a sud­den have a crowd, they know why. We were in and out in 10 min­utes. Less if we would­n’t have tak­en our time look­ing at all the food they have, soups, sal­ads, desserts, ton of sand­wich­es. WHICH TASTE GREAT!

So I am boy­cotting sub­way. Quiznos is the way to go and they are HOT sand­wich­es with WAY more taste!

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