Right in front of my face and I just can­not hide it,
Final­ly, It has hap­pened to me, right in front of my face, 
my two lips can’t describe it…

Well, actu­al­ly my fin­gers can!

CeCe Pen­nis­ton’s song is total­ly what I am feel­ing right now.

As of Last Tues­day, the 29th. We are offi­cial­ly moved in!

OY VAY! I nev­er want to do this again.

Pack­ing every­thing up was the easy part. Unpack­ing is the hard­est thing to do. You real­ize how much shit you have and no damn idea where it is to go!

And the prob­lems! The walls are cov­ered in smoke grime (damn smok­ers). The dish­wash­er and the wash­ing machine does­n’t work. The whirlpool REALLY needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

But I am very glad we are in a big­ger place. My office is put togeth­er (Of course that would be the first thing!)

Now to sort through junk and get rid of it all!

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