Well, we put in our appli­ca­tions in to the Park we want to live in. We will be wait­ing for a week or so, until we know if we are approved.

Once that is done, hope­ful­ly they will move the man­u­fac­tured home in… then they will fin­ish the inside and hope­ful­ly we can move in…

But… Amy met with the park man­ag­er… A REALLY nice guy and he did­n’t have very many nice things to say with the two peo­ple we are deal­ing with for our Cal­i­for­nia ram­bler… he even showed us a home that they tried to fit into a too small of a lot and just left it there. So I am a lit­tle stressed/worried. I don’t feel I will be able to rest until the home is in the park, we have been accept­ed and moved in…

Keep pray­ing for us.

Work has just been unmo­ti­va­tion­al. I have been tired and stressed and just unmo­ti­vat­ed. But thank good­ness for Audio­books. I lis­ten to that and actu­al­ly find myself just plug­gin along and pret­ty soon my night is over. Kin­da nice.

Dominic and I have been bond­ing more. I recent­ly rein­stalled the Star Trek Voy­ager: Elite Force. So we have been sit­ting togeth­er while I blow the crap out of mon­sters and stuff and he tells me which guns are more effec­tive on which mon­sters. One smart lit­tle guy.

I just installed Deus Ex and me and him were try­ing to fig­ure that out. A lit­tle trick­i­er. Cheat codes our are friends!

Mikay­la is so excit­ed about her dance recital. She got stage make­up today and has been wear­ing it all day. She looks so cute (albeit a lit­tle over­done — stage make­up has that effect-but still cute!)

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