Man am I tired. I am up wait­ing for the panokoeken to fin­ish so that my wife can have her break­fast in bed. I AM TOO TIRED!!!! But it is moth­er’s day.

I have been bat­tling flu­id in my ear and have had tem­po­rary hear­ing “dull­ness” in my left ear. I have been sleep­ing on raised pil­lows so it can drain out. I woke up at around 7 and I could hear, but my tired ass fell back asleep instead of get­ting up and now I can’t hear again in that ear…

Then this morn­ing as I was mak­ing the wife break­fast, I went to grab the flour (which is in some spe­cial tup­per­ware con­tain­er that has a real­ly tight lid) I went to open it and it lit­er­al­ly bent half of my fin­ger­nail back. Talk about painful. I had to hold it a few min­utes to stop the bleed­ing. Not a good morning.

Can I got back to bed?

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