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Forming a Moral Compass

Its not my job to “force” my opin­ions or beliefs, or my opin­ions of what is “right” and “wrong”. Rather, it is my job as their par­ent to help them to form their own moral com­pass and their own beliefs of what is right and wrong. 

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Bullying: My Personal Experience.

I can still remem­ber the day it all start­ed. It was prob­a­bly only the sec­ond week of 1st grade. In 1st grade we were merged with kids from the oth­er kinder­garten class­es, the kids who don’t know you. I even remem­ber the inci­dent where the new kids even got friends from my kinder­garten class to shun me and not help me with a group project. It was the first time that I would find myself doing a group project by myself. The first of many, many years of being alone.