So I have been think­ing a lot late­ly about a great many things.

I real­ly want to turn my life around. I have a great life already, but I know that I can make it bet­ter in a few key areas.

First, my weight. I have been over-weight since about 9 or 10 years old. Not only do I want to eat health­i­er and get more exer­cise in my day, and be there for my fam­i­ly for years to come…but frankly, I want to know what I look like skin­ny. I have only ever known a fat me. (That and I would real­ly like to be able to walk into any shop and buy off the rack. I love shop­ping for clothes.) My dream would to also be more buff…but that may be a whole oth­er goal AFTER I get skinny.

The tricky part is fig­ur­ing out what exact­ly I should be doing. I would love to have a per­son­al trainer…but find­ing some­one who fits into my bud­get (cheap) is hard…I also can­not afford a gym mem­ber­ship atop of that…so things I can do at home (I have a tread­mill and some oth­er stuff that I can use) is what I real­ly need. I need some­one to tell me that on this day, I need to do this and this and this…and even per­haps say­ing, on this day, eat this, this and this. Whats also hard is fig­ur­ing it out for my schedule…when is the best time for me to work out? When I get home from work? When I wake up? Before I go to work? What time will max­i­mize my exer­cise burnage…I just need help…so that will be a tough one to work on…but I am determined.

Sec­ond, I real­ly need to mar­ket the hell out of my free­lance busi­ness. I would like to be my own boss, work­ing from home and just cre­at­ing all day long. I love my cur­rent job and third shift is work­ing out well for my family…but its not healthy…I am miss­ing a lot of sleep and I am tired all the time, and frankly…I would like to see my wife more. This whole “time-share” with the bed has got to stop. We both have a hard to falling asleep with­out the oth­er next to us. This also brings me to #3.

Third, I need to CREATE more. I have recent­ly re-tak­en up cro­chet­ing (and hope­ful­ly knit­ting soon, with some class­es) and I have real­ly enjoyed fig­ur­ing out pat­terns and adapt­ing them and CREATING some­thing. But not just that, I need to take out more time for me to paint, sketch, take pho­tos and DESIGN!

I am real­ly not hap­py unless I am cre­at­ing some­thing. Whether its any of the things above, I just need to do it…otherwise I am going to loose that skill.

Fourth, I need to make sure that I keep in face-to-face con­tact with my friends. I can­not be a recluse and stay shut up in my home. I am very envi­ous of the very fre­quent “dates” my wife has with her best friend. I need that…I need to go out and DO things with my friends…keep those rela­tion­ships going….also, I miss when I had my week­ly Karaoke nights…I looked for­ward all work week to hav­ing my “Fri­day Night Karaoke!”… I miss those and the fun I would have and all the “de-stressing”…this leads to num­ber five…

Fifth, I need to step back from World of War­craft a lit­tle more (well, my com­put­er in general..I do have some great friend­ships online that I don’t want to loose and my real life friends are on there too and some weeks its the only way we can get togeth­er to connect…online)….but…

I already rarely play it because I am so busy…but I need to remove myself from my computer…From cre­at­ing so much on the com­put­er, to then play­ing on the com­put­er, then going to work on the computer…I already spend way too much time there…This is why I took up cro­chet­ing. I can sit with my fam­i­ly, and spend time with them watch­ing a movie or talk­ing, while I cro­chet (I already can­not just sit and watch a movie with them…I need to do some­thing, oth­er­wise I fall asleep or feel like I am wast­ing time just watch­ing a movie–not wast­ing time with them, mind you).

So, those are my goals. I am pray­ing I can make them happen.

Recent­ly I dis­cov­ered a new song by RuPaul (not entire­ly new, I have had the album for a year or so…but I final­ly lis­tened to this one track.)

It’s called. “Hit the Floor (Matt Moss’ Vidon Remix)” from her “Drag Race” album (Lis­ten Here)…I love the lyrics and the ener­gy it has…I think this is going to be my anthem for this year. Some­thing to keep me going.

There is a few lyrics that real­ly “hit me”, but the ones that I love the most are (I hope I have them right…I can’t find them online–bold ones are my favorite):

You Wan­na Win, You got­ta fight,
Roll Up Your Sleeves and Take a Bite,
You bet­ter let them know

Hit. the. Floor.
Run­nin’, Arrows glancin’
Ever­lastin’, Like a Hurricane…

Hit. the. Floor.
Run­nin like your life depended
on it, use it,
before you lose it darlin’

This is no race, you bet­ter run,
This is your time, spit out your gum
You bet­ter let them know

It’s your own per­son­al reprieve
Your on the road of victory
Get ready set and go Go GO

(I high­ly rec­om­mend check­ing out this great dance song…some great moti­va­tion­al ener­gy going on here. Check out Let’s Turn the Light…anoth­er real­ly good one..)

So…wish me the best!

3 thoughts on “2011…a New Me.

  1. I am total­ly with you on 4 out of five of your goals. I’ve been heavy all my life too and won­der what I would look like at a more healthy size. If all goes well I will no longer be on the third shift crazy train in a few months — I am look­ing for­ward to sleep­ing on a more nor­mal sched­ule. I miss the hell out of my friends — between work­ing third shift and deal­ing with the depres­sion of hav­ing had a non-work­ing part­ner, I bare­ly see any­one. I real­ized that I am not fol­low­ing through on my dreams and just let­ting them fall to the way­side. No more. 

    Good for you to list out your goals and go for it!

    So I am here to cheer you on! GO BERT!

  2. Hey Bert!
    I got a wii game for Christ­mas this year I want­ed to share with you that might be help­ful with your goal…

    It’s called My Fit­ness Coach. I haven’t used it much because once David start­ed work­ing from home I haven’t quite been able to fig­ure out the WHEN of work­ing out. BUT it’s pret­ty darn cool and runs you through a work out and total­ly tells you what to do. It’s not like wii fit where you have to decide your­self which activ­i­ty you are going to do.
    If you’d like to bor­row it for the week­end to try it out, I can send it over with David when he comes to get Court­ney tonight. It sets up a work­out sched­ule for you and all you have to do is have the dis­ci­pline to turn it on…
    Let me know! 🙂
    You will kick butt on all these goals, you have a pret­ty great group of cheer­lead­ers in your fam! 🙂


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