This week has start­ed out very rough.

First, my grand­moth­er pass­es away on Valen­tines day. If that was­n’t enough, tonight, Amy was tak­en to the hos­pi­tal by ambulance.

I fig­ured it would be eas­i­er to give all the details in one blog post.

Amy was­n’t feel­ing well this morn­ing. But she took Dominic to his foot appoint­ment and then came back and went to bed.

Around noon she was feel­ing real­ly cold, she drank some water and took some dayquil and then slept the rest of the afternoon.

I then took a nap at 4:30ish so I would be ready for work.

Court­ney woke me at 5:30–5:40ish and told me that Amy had a fever of 104.7 (Amy took the tem­per­a­ture I found out later).

I woke up and I could­n’t get Amy to respond to me or answer any ques­tions. No head nods, no ver­bal any­thing. Her whole body was very hot and she was shak­ing. She was also hav­ing prob­lems breath­ing. I also could­n’t get her to real­ly move to sit up or any­thing, so I had no way of get­ting her to the car to take her to the hospital.

So I called 911 and had the para­medics come and eval­u­ate her and get her to the hospital.

I could­n’t have been more proud­er of Court­ney. Her Girl Scout Train­ing served her well. She kept cool and calm and was able to fill in any details to the para­medics that I did­n’t know. She kept the oth­er kids (kind­ly) out of the way. I hat­ed leav­ing her though, cause I could see the look in her eyes that she was close to loos­ing it, so I am very grate­ful that Alex stayed on the phone until Amy’s mom got here.

For as scary as it was, it could­n’t have gone smoother.

Before they left and while I was sit­ting in the dri­ve­way wait­ing for the ambu­lance to start dri­ving,  I texted Amy’s Best Friend Katie, my best friend Kel­lie, and my sis­ter. (Court­ney had Amy’s mom, My Mom and her Step­mom Alex cov­ered. Alex stayed on the phone with her until Mona arrived–thank you so much Alex!)

When I got to the hos­pi­tal and in the room. I updat­ed every­one what I could (that Amy was final­ly talk­ing and her tem­per­a­ture had gone down.) Her friend Katie texted that her and her hus­band Troy were on the way and did we need any­thing? (Amy real­ly want­ed a scrunchy for her hair and I real­ly need a mount­ian dew to stay awake).

Katie and Troy arrive (We love them so much, this isn’t the first time they have dropped every­thing and shown up for us). Katie even remem­ber Amy’s “Soft Lips” chap­stick, cause her lips always get chapped at the Hos­pi­tal. (Katie even remem­ber a med­ica­tion that Amy is aller­gic to that Amy and I for­got about!)

In the end, Amy has flu-like symp­toms (we think we know who got her sick), a mid­dle ear infec­tion, sore through, and her whole body real­ly aches. Her legs and right arm kept spas­ming from pain and they could­n’t get com­fort­able. But they would feel a lit­tle bet­ter as she walked.

Katie pulled our van up clos­er to the doors for Amy and then we went home. Amy crawled in bed and had some apple­sauce and then fell asleep.

Mona then stayed with the kids until my mom got home from work–we could­n’t get a hold of her at work–she even bought the kids din­ner and some gifts and got Amy a big pink heart shaped fluffy pil­low to help her feel better.

Thank you to every­one who was so supportive…after these past few days, I real­ly hope things start to return to normal.

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  1. I wish I would have known. There prob­a­bly was­n’t much I could do that every­one else did­n’t have cov­ered. I hope Amy is feel­ing a lot bet­ter today. Take good care of her, she is an angel! Love you both. HUGS to everyone!!

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