Tonight Amy and I had Cou­ples Mas­sage Train­ing* with our Mes­sage Ther­a­pist Steph over at StoneWa­ter Mas­sage & Skin Care.

Before I get to far into this post, I want to be clear, this was not a “sen­su­al” cou­ples mas­sage class. This was just basic tech­niques to help each oth­er relieve pain and ten­sion when we are at home and not able to book with Steph for a more thor­ough pain relief session.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me just say, that I don’t like giv­ing massages.

Amy and I tried learn­ing through books years ago because Amy nev­er found a MT that gave enough pres­sure that was­n’t “tick­lish” for her or did­n’t cause her more pain after­wards; and I was just a wuss about going to a MT and being in  just my undies around a stranger. (How lit­tle I real­ly knew–I did­n’t know that you were 95% cov­ered up by a blan­ket through­out the massage).

But from those books (and not hav­ing all the right tools–like an actu­al mas­sage table) it was just too much work and too painful for me. Lit­er­al­ly lean­ing over (when we would be on the floor) and giv­ing Amy a mas­sage hurt my low­er back so much that I could only do it for a few min­utes and I would get frus­trat­ed, impa­tient and just rush through it. Hav­ing her lie on the bed did­n’t help the height, because you could only real­ly stand on one side of her (and still, it was­n’t high enough).

Essen­tial­ly I gave up get­ting any kind of mas­sage at home for pain relief, just so that I would­n’t have to give a mas­sage in return. This was­n’t fair to Amy and it was­n’t fair to me.

Then Steph entered into our lives.

Amy final­ly found some­one who applied enough pres­sure, and I found some­one I could be com­fort­able around and not feel so inse­cure about myself (for any­one who has seen me, you know that I am a wookie…something I am always inse­cure about…I hate going to pools or beach­es and tak­ing my shirt off because of this.)

Steph cre­ates such a relax­ing and calm atmos­phere and imme­di­ate­ly  puts you at ease that noth­ing else real­ly mat­ters. All that mat­ters is that your there to relax and relieve pain and tension.

So, Amy and I have been see­ing Steph for at least a year now. So when we found out she offered Cou­ple Mas­sage Train­ing*, we thought we would give learn­ing cou­ples mas­sage anoth­er shot.

I was­n’t sure what to expect, but I was not expect­ing to have so much fun…even when both of the women were beat­ing the crap out of me (which, I should state, I need due to what I do for a liv­ing and my car accident…who knew I would pay to get beat­en up lat­er in life).

Steph was very patient with us and was very thor­ough in explain­ing why you would use cer­tain tech­niques in cer­tain areas and even showed us some of her secrets…a sort of “behind the scenes” stuff you nev­er knew she did when she is work­ing on you (because, well, your face down).

I real­ly enjoyed being able to final­ly ask Steph ques­tions. I was always so calmed or relaxed dur­ing my mas­sages that I would for­get to ask her things or tech­niques I was curi­ous about.

In this set­ting (which was still very relax­ing, yet very casu­al) it was just so much fun to be able to talk, learn and at times, be a lit­tle enter­tain­ing (e.g. when Amy was using her elbow on the side of my “glute” and asked Steph..“How do ever you feel any kind of bone through all this?”–Ah. My wife. Ever to speak her mind.)

Steph just made it so much fun that I actu­al­ly want to go out and buy a mas­sage table just so that its eas­i­er for Amy and I to give each oth­er a massage.

To think that when I have mus­cle spasm flair ups from my acci­dent, Amy could eas­i­ly work them out (espe­cial­ly when they show up right before its time for me to go to work) and give me some pain relief until I can see Steph. Or when Amy has one of her migraines, I know where the pres­sure points are to help relieve it instantly!

I think what real­ly helped the most for both of us…is that we BOTH see Steph fair­ly reg­u­lar­ly. The fact that we share the same MT and had her for our train­er for this class was espe­cial­ly helpful!

Steph was able to show me exact­ly where Amy has “issues” and how I can help her relieve some of that pain, and Amy knows exact­ly where my “issues” are and how she can help me relieve some of that pain.

I high­ly rec­om­mend this class for any cou­ple. Even bet­ter if you both book mas­sages with Steph before hand so she knows where your “issues” are (although she can eas­i­ly find them out dur­ing the class too!).

Or, if your not a cou­ple, just book a mas­sage with Steph or any­one at StoneWa­ter Mas­sage. I can­not rave enough over their Stonewa­ter-ssage (Hot Stone Mas­sage AND facial!), Their Hot Stone Mas­sage, or even their cus­tom massage.

And trust me when I say, 60-min­utes is nev­er enough! Book a 75‑, or even bet­ter, a 90-minute mas­sage. Its worth it and you will feel so good afterwards.

And one more plug…ask Steph about the Hon­eyLift Mas­sage Lotion. It has worked WONDERS for the skin on my face. No more flaky/oily skin that I have been bat­tling for years. I got it instant­ly cleared up on the FIRST use.

So all in all, a great evening spend­ing time with my wife…and my favorite MT. Thank you so much Steph!

Now…to go find my thong before my next mas­sage appoint­ment (total inside joke there…you had to be there to appre­ci­ate that statement.)

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