Websites…A disagreement

So I read this article today from 2007:  A Websmaster’s 19 Commandments

And while it has some great points, I disagree with some of it:

First, I don’t like how he keeps putting down “Designers” and “Creative” people. I am a designer/creative and even I know the difference between print/web (see #6) and I know that the media is vastly different and needs to be treated as such. That is why I try and find an actual web company and work with them to bridge the gap between design/functionality and to ensure that the user “does” something (See #15).

I agree with #2. That’s a no-brainer.

#7 is so true. Content is KING!

Nothing bugs me worse than #10.

I had to relinquish font downloads in #9…it never worked well and even the newer “Web Font” solutions don’t work all the time. It’s not worth the hassle for me or the end-viewer.

I know one major website I use a lot that could use the info in #12 and #13. Their drop downs are insufficient and they have so much info/PDFs online that even when you use the “search” button it doesn’t work right. They need better drop-downs and a better indexed site.

I disagree with #17, I believe the new HTML5 does video cross platform now without needing flash? Wasn’t that the whole Apple/Adobe fight? I could be wrong…I hire others for my web creation now…while I handle the design aspect.

My old website used #18…I learned that the hard way.

Bottom line, I think you can marry creativity with functionality/content, it just needs the right set of people to pull it off. Its rare that I have ever seen a successful major website that didn’t use the best of both worlds (designers/web… peeps and even content managers).

He is wrong in #4, of course adobe listens to “designers” and a host of other people. Sorry, but someone needs to be in charge of upholding the brand and making sure that any communication that is being made conforms to that…and usually its designers/content managers/marketers that are involved to ensure that.

Also, it’s not that designers are trying to make a site “pretty”, its that they are trying to make something that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer that:
  1. won’t drive them away from the garish colors and font choices the company made,
  2. make sure it upholds the brand and upholds the mission/values of the company, and
  3. uses the tools we have learned from design to shape the viewers thoughts/projections about the company and product.
That is what we designers do. Whether its print, web,or any other media.
The principals of design that we learned, taught us that if we use these colors, and these techniques and these elements that a person will think this way, and if we change it like so, they’ll think that way.
It’s all about marrying what they’ll see to, hopefully, what they’ll feel.
Most times it takes a designer/creative to do that successfully. I’m not bashing webmasters, but their minds are more analytical/logical, that these kinds of concepts can be hard for them to implement.(Although their are those out there that get it and can pull it off).
That is why I always think that when people are making a web site, that they should have at least three things:
  1. a content manager;
  2. a graphic designer;
  3. a web coder/web master.
These three will work in tangent to ensure that:
  1. their content is king;
  2. the site is pleasing to their audience and subtly guides them to what the client needs them to do; and
  3. works on cross platforms, has no coding issues and “just works”.

There are always other people that can get involved if needed on a larger project: SEO rpoviders, Art Directors, Marketers, eCommerce managers, etc. But for a basic site, those three above should be it…and sometimes #1 and #2 is the same person. Sometimes #2 and #3 is the same person, but they need to know their “stuff”.

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2 Responses to Websites…A disagreement

  1. kelly says:

    So here’s my question – how would someone get work as a copy editor for websites? (or proof reader) That’s my pet peeve – if a site doesn’t use grammar and punction properly, let alone spelling, I won’t buy from it. Part of me has a desire to reach out to sad, sad sites and offer to help them; unfortunately, all too often, they refuse to see that they have problems. Check out if you want to see an example. Love their products but I can’t spend much time on the site because it makes my eyes burn.

    COPY is CREDIBILITY, folks!

  2. kelly says:

    Oh the irony of misspelling “puncuation”. /facepalm

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