My Snuggle Baby

Lately I have been watching a little TV, laying in bed, before sleeping for the day.

This morning, after Amy left to take Courtney to school, I hear Riley come thumpin through the house and he opens my bedroom door, with that look on his face of “where’s my mom!”.

I told him before he could even say anything, “Mommy went to take Bear to school, she’lll be right back”.

I figured he would then shut the door and go to grandma’s room, like usual, but what I was watching on the TV must have caught his eye (Smallville) and he climbed up into my bed and shimmied to the tiny space in front of me on the edge of the bed (TV is on my side).

I scooted back a little to make more room for him and he snuggled in. I put my arm around him, (I think I felt him internally sigh), and we watched the show until Amy came home and in the room.

She asked him (sounding all surprised), “My Riley is awake, what are you doin? Are you watching TV with daddy? What are you watching?” and he paused and I whispered “smallville” and he blurts out, “yeah! Smallville”.

And he stayed there until Amy mentioned Toddler Tuesday, and he was off like the flash.

The snuggle time was great while it lasted. Its not often he snuggles in with me, like he used to when he was a baby*. So I take it when I can.

I love all my snugglers.

*Footnote: When he was a baby, Amy would sneak him into the crook of my arm, while I was asleep and he would take his naps with me during the day.

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