Today was my first day out on a walk with Amy, Katie and Troy.

Wow…was I not ready for that. I knew I was out of shape, but I was­n’t pre­pared to walk that fast or that much.

Now, I am sure for them, that did­n’t seem that fast, but after (and this is embar­rass­ing) 5 min­utes (I think, It was only a few blocks away) my ankles were burn­ing and giv­ing me pain, which was trav­el­ing up my leg. My low­er back was caus­ing me pain. As we walked it got worse and I start­ed slow­ing down. I just could­n’t walk as fast as them with­out the pain get­ting worse. When we would need to walk faster to cross streets (those damn lights real­ly don’t give you much time to get across Lex­ing­ton) I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.

To top it off my aller­gy meds weren’t work­ing. So I kept snif­fling and I had a headache before we left, which only got worse.

I felt like such a wuss.

There was one point dur­ing the walk where I was lag­ging very far behind, and even though my eyes were tear­ing up from the cot­ton and pollen, I don’t think that entire­ly con­tributed to it. I almost had a mini emo­tion­al melt­down. I just felt like a fat los­er that could­n’t even han­dle just walk­ing in my neigh­bor­hood with my friends. Part of me felt like I was let­ting them down or hold­ing them back, because they would have to wait for me to catch up.

It did get a lit­tle bet­ter on the way back. It still hurt, but the pain was­n’t as severe.

So, I got­ta make sure I con­tin­ue on the tread­mill until our next walk so that, hope­ful­ly, I’ll be ready for it.

As for right now, I still feel emo­tion­al­ly down. I can’t get my legs com­fort­able. I move them and they cause me a lit­tle bit of pain (in between my knees and my ankles). Their just real­ly, real­ly sore I think.

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