Today was my first day out on a walk with Amy, Katie and Troy.

Wow…was I not ready for that. I knew I was out of shape, but I wasn’t prepared to walk that fast or that much.

Now, I am sure for them, that didn’t seem that fast, but after (and this is embarrassing) 5 minutes (I think, It was only a few blocks away) my ankles were burning and giving me pain, which was traveling up my leg. My lower back was causing me pain. As we walked it got worse and I started slowing down. I just couldn’t walk as fast as them without the pain getting worse. When we would need to walk faster to cross streets (those damn lights really don’t give you much time to get across Lexington) I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.

To top it off my allergy meds weren’t working. So I kept sniffling and I had a headache before we left, which only got worse.

I felt like such a wuss.

There was one point during the walk where I was lagging very far behind, and even though my eyes were tearing up from the cotton and pollen, I don’t think that entirely contributed to it. I almost had a mini emotional meltdown. I just felt like a fat loser that couldn’t even handle just walking in my neighborhood with my friends. Part of me felt like I was letting them down or holding them back, because they would have to wait for me to catch up.

It did get a little better on the way back. It still hurt, but the pain wasn’t as severe.

So, I gotta make sure I continue on the treadmill until our next walk so that, hopefully, I’ll be ready for it.

As for right now, I still feel emotionally down. I can’t get my legs comfortable. I move them and they cause me a little bit of pain (in between my knees and my ankles). Their just really, really sore I think.

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