I was dri­ving into work tonight and lis­ten­ing to the radio, and “Delilah” was on…and a caller called in and was talk­ing about Native Amer­i­cans and request­ed the song “Col­ors of the Wind”. I know its a Dis­ney song, but it was beau­ti­ful­ly done and I feel it has a pow­er­ful message…and it got me to thinking.

Per­haps its the Native Amer­i­can in me (we think its on my moth­er side but could nev­er real­ly con­firm) or that I am an envi­ron­men­tal­ist at heart.…but.…

I think the Native Amer­i­cans had it right before we came to this land. From what I have read or seen or heard, they nev­er took more than they need­ed to sur­vive and they always thanked the spir­its of the item, for giv­ing them what they need­ed. And they wast­ed nothing.

As the song played and I was dri­ving through Roseville, it just made me think.…why couldn’t we have learned that more from them? 

I love my com­forts, and lord knows I hate camp­ing, but still… I look around in a city and think… “Look at how much of nature we have destroyed because we need­ed a free­way here, or a super­mar­ket there, or some shop­ping mall over there.”

Look at how much nature we have demol­ished and we can nev­er real­ly get that back. We can nev­er expe­ri­ence run­ning through that mead­ow in our bare feet, or climb the trees of that for­est, or roll down that hill…

So I urge us to do what we can. Recy­cle where we can, pre­serve nature where we can, don’t take more than we need, and most of all, enjoy the nature that is left around us. 

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