Well, we stopped for lunch. We are cur­rent­ly at a Perkins (I am bor­row­ing the Best West­erns Inter­net from next door. Hey its free)

We already had car issues. We blew the fuse to one of the front cig­a­rette lighter out­lets and the radio. So no dri­ving music for the dri­ver, no lap­top for dad­dy (unless I unplug the Tom­Tom charg­er). We think it was the new DC con­vert­er. Our old one was bigger.

So after lunch, I dri­ve on to Madi­son, then it’s Cindy’s turn. Amy drove from home to Eau Claire.

Thoughts from others:

  • Amy - No comment…“I’m hungry”
  • Cindy - Are we there yet
  • Court­ney - My legs hurt (she has long legs)
  • Dominic - Food!
  • Mikay­la - (thumbs up and big smile)
  • Riley - Sleep­ing

Til next time.

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