Miss Lady DJ

She’s got her Gemini mixin with a funky crossfinger and her two 1200s just ready….to let us….have it!

The title of this entry is from the current song I am listening on my iPod. RuPaul’s Miss Lady DJ. From her first album. A great song to get down and funky with.

Well, I have so much to update everyone on. I don’t even know where to begin.

I have been elected on the Board of Directors for the Cooperative. So I will serve for three years as secretary.

Scout and Sneakers were taken into the Vet today.

Scout has nothing wrong with him that the vet could find. We were worried, because he used to weigh 25 lbs. and now he ways 9 lbs. The doc thinks he may have a thyroid disease, so his metabolism is running high. If we fix the thyroid issue, he could have kidney failure, so we will leave the thyroid and just keep an eye on him. He also has arthritis, so we have to make sure he doesn’t have to jump to far for anything. (Translation: Lots of carrying and babying the poor kitty!)

Sneakers we brought in because he had this lump growing on the back of his spine. And it got big. They believe it is cancer, but to tell if it is benign or malignant would cost $1000. To treat it would cost even more. So we are leaving it. They think it is benign, because if you touch it, it doesn’t bother him. If it was malignant, it would be painful. So we need to watch him and if it becomes painful for him, then we know it will be time to put him to sleep.

Riley is just a walkin everywhere! Sometimes he runs. It is so cute to watch him walk all over the place. Nothing feels better than to have your child walk to you with their arms outstretched. And he loves to make sounds! Any kinds, as long as they are all different!

We want to plan a trip to Disney World next year and the Disney Cruise. We need to save like $14,000 dollars to do the trip we really want to do.

We would also like to buy land and move our home onto it, with a basement. I still want a Dome home, but that may have to wait…

Hmm…. I really can’t think of anything else. I thought I had more than that… oh well.

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