Good Morn­ing all you peo­ple that are asleep as I write this.

I was out of town last week­end. Went up north to my Sis­ter-in-law’s house for the final Fam­i­ly Christ­mas on my wife’s side.

Oy Vay. That is all I am gonna say. We had our fun moments, but, oy vay!

The kids did put on a pagent. That was cute. I use dmy pro­jec­tor to cast a back­ground for them to use. Next year I will take more time and actu­al­ly cre­ate var­i­ous scenes and stuff!

Nice to be back. I have so much stuff to do though!

  1. Scrap­book night on Friday
  2. Pinewood Der­by on Saturday
  3. An online pre­sen­ta­tion on Thursday
  4. fin­ish up PRC stuff this week

Just a lot to do!

Riley is talk­ing nice­ly, more sounds than actu­al words, but he is get­ting there.

He knows some sign lan­guage that Amy is teach­ing him. He can ask for a bot­tle, food, more and toys. They aren’t the actu­al signs, but he under­stands when we sign them and he has his own ver­sion (with a sound to go with) to tell us what he wants.

He is so smart too! I can’t get over how smart he is for his age!

We have a meet­ing with the Dean of the Ele­men­tary and a few school teach­ers in regards to Dominic.

They think there is some issues there and I think they need to know how to han­dle him. His actu­al teacher had no prob­lems with him, when she went off to mater­natiy leave, all of a sud­den we are hav­ing issues… oy vay!

Well, got to get back to the imag­i­nary work to do here…

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