Good Mornin… Good MORNin’…

Good Morning all you people that are asleep as I write this.

I was out of town last weekend. Went up north to my Sister-in-law’s house for the final Family Christmas on my wife’s side.

Oy Vay. That is all I am gonna say. We had our fun moments, but, oy vay!

The kids did put on a pagent. That was cute. I use dmy projector to cast a background for them to use. Next year I will take more time and actually create various scenes and stuff!

Nice to be back. I have so much stuff to do though!

  1. Scrapbook night on Friday
  2. Pinewood Derby on Saturday
  3. An online presentation on Thursday
  4. finish up PRC stuff this week

Just a lot to do!

Riley is talking nicely, more sounds than actual words, but he is getting there.

He knows some sign language that Amy is teaching him. He can ask for a bottle, food, more and toys. They aren’t the actual signs, but he understands when we sign them and he has his own version (with a sound to go with) to tell us what he wants.

He is so smart too! I can’t get over how smart he is for his age!

We have a meeting with the Dean of the Elementary and a few school teachers in regards to Dominic.

They think there is some issues there and I think they need to know how to handle him. His actual teacher had no problems with him, when she went off to maternatiy leave, all of a sudden we are having issues… oy vay!

Well, got to get back to the imaginary work to do here…

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