Christmas Memories

Well, Christmas is over. Seems like it went by so fast this year.

The kids got a lot of presents this year, I think they got everything they wanted.

Where to start, where to start?

This was Riley’s first Christmas, so of course I had to videotape them coming down the hallway. Seeing all the presents and then reading Santa’s note… too bad I didn’t hit the record button. So they had to ‘do-over’ the whole thing! LOL.

Riley was his usual smiley self. We tried going round-robin style with the presents, but he was getting unhappy, so we had him open all his. (Grandma helped). He liked ripping the paper open.

Mikayla got a doodle bear, some other toys and hair stuff.

Dominic got He-Man toys that he was really excited about! Lego Star Wars (which him and I played on Christmas day and Yesterday. We have finished both episodes and only have episode 3 left!

Courtney got hair stuff and a few other goodies (I honestly can’t remember what thought, I know some stuffed animals).

The kids all got Guitar Hero II. I thought they were gonna pee their pants they were so excited! I also got the whole family a 300GB network storage drive to store all their files, since we all shared computers around the house.

Amy got the food dehydrator she wanted, a makeup kit from Mikayla, A bath set from Courtney and one from Cindy. A crystal Lamp (pink) from Dominic.

I got some scrapbooking supplies (Oh and so did the girls!) and a pajama/sleepwear set and a replacement white long sleeve shirt that got ruined in the wash.

I will be getting the World of Warcraft Expansion Pack in January as well.

then the family became sick (except me). So that was tough, missed a day of work (add to that getting no holiday pay) so this weeks hours are gonna be really short!

Still really tired from having so much fun though this weekend… Can’t wait for New Years Day when I can get drunk in World of Warcraft!

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