Well, Christ­mas is over. Seems like it went by so fast this year.

The kids got a lot of presents this year, I think they got every­thing they wanted.

Where to start, where to start?

This was Riley’s first Christ­mas, so of course I had to video­tape them com­ing down the hall­way. See­ing all the presents and then read­ing San­ta’s note… too bad I did­n’t hit the record but­ton. So they had to ‘do-over’ the whole thing! LOL.

Riley was his usu­al smi­ley self. We tried going round-robin style with the presents, but he was get­ting unhap­py, so we had him open all his. (Grand­ma helped). He liked rip­ping the paper open.

Mikay­la got a doo­dle bear, some oth­er toys and hair stuff.

Dominic got He-Man toys that he was real­ly excit­ed about! Lego Star Wars (which him and I played on Christ­mas day and Yes­ter­day. We have fin­ished both episodes and only have episode 3 left!

Court­ney got hair stuff and a few oth­er good­ies (I hon­est­ly can’t remem­ber what thought, I know some stuffed animals).

The kids all got Gui­tar Hero II. I thought they were gonna pee their pants they were so excit­ed! I also got the whole fam­i­ly a 300GB net­work stor­age dri­ve to store all their files, since we all shared com­put­ers around the house.

Amy got the food dehy­dra­tor she want­ed, a make­up kit from Mikay­la, A bath set from Court­ney and one from Cindy. A crys­tal Lamp (pink) from Dominic.

I got some scrap­book­ing sup­plies (Oh and so did the girls!) and a pajama/sleepwear set and a replace­ment white long sleeve shirt that got ruined in the wash.

I will be get­ting the World of War­craft Expan­sion Pack in Jan­u­ary as well.

then the fam­i­ly became sick (except me). So that was tough, missed a day of work (add to that get­ting no hol­i­day pay) so this weeks hours are gonna be real­ly short!

Still real­ly tired from hav­ing so much fun though this week­end… Can’t wait for New Years Day when I can get drunk in World of Warcraft!

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