A long overdue update.

Well, it has been quite awhile since I wrote last. And, I guess, a lot has happened that has kept me busy.

Let’s start youngest to oldest.

Riley is getting pretty big. He can stand himself up on things. He crawls VERY fast. The roomba is his friend. He will sneak over there and turn it on whenever he can.

He is also getting in a lot of his teeth. He also gives this great big cheesy grin. Matter of fact, it is the same cheesy grin that Dominic and Mikayla had when they were younger. The one where they scrunch up their whole face and all you see is a big toothy grin. I love it. I could stare at that face the rest of my life and be content.

He also loves the computer even more now. He will play pogo with grandma or Amy, or watch me play WoW.

He still takes his naps with me in the afternoon when Amy sneaks him in bed with me. I never know he is there until he wakes me up. If Amy gets him before I wake up, then they come in around 2:30 and wake me up. There is nothing better than having your baby boy sitting next to you on the bed, gently patting your back to wake you up and going “da da da da”

Mikayla is just like her mother. All attitude. But cute attitude. And she is still my baby girl and still a little princess.

She is still in dance. Unfortunately we don’t know for how long she will be able to stay in dance. She is currently in Pre-Comp. But after that she would go into a competition line. Trouble is, it is EXPENSIVE! So far this year I think comp line has paid about $400 in dues, and that is just since September! They still have more to go!

Dominic is doing pretty well in school. He still will have his moments where he likes to screw around and not pay attention, but we are working on those. He and I have nightly talks. Sometimes we talk about whatever he wants to talk about and sometimes we talk about what I want to talk about and sometimes it is to talk about serious matters (like behaving).

Courtney is doing great in school. Smart as ever, still in the Talented and Gifted Program at school. She does have this knack for turning in homework late. So we are working on that one.

My mom is doing pretty well. She is known around here is the beddie-time grandma. It is her job to put Riley to sleep at night. I think the record is 2 seconds. She literally picked him up, he rolled over to look at her and out he went. He seems to sleep better at night if grams puts him to bed. Sometimes though she has to wear him out by playing pogo with him or watch some TV. It is there special bonding time together.

Amy is busy as ever. It is Girl Scout cookie season and being the Service Unit Cookie Coordinator for the entire Centennial Service Unit (60 troops this year). It is her job to make sure everyone gets their troops order in on time, train the “cookie moms”, and organize all the paperwork. I helped her out this year by putting together a PowerPoint presentation for her to use, so she could make sure that all the trainees (in three different training sessions) got the same information.

I am doing so-so. Working third shift does take its toll. I am always tired. I feel like I never get anything accomplished at home. I still am on the Board at our cooperative. And still the Communications/Marketing Committee Chairperson and Committee Relations Advisor. Not easy work, I am constantly busy.

I have been going back and forth with the decision if I want to run to be on the board again this February, or not. And if I want to stay involved in my committee or not.

  • The pro is that I get a say in what happens where I live, I get to be a part of something grand (in its beginnings too!).
  • The con is that it takes up so much of my time, some of my neighborhood friendships have deteriorated, I get frustrated with the in fighting and drama.

So I try to figure out if it is really worth it. I know that there is no one else who could do the jobs I do. No one is as organized as a secretary as I am. No one has the skills (let alone the design programs) to do the creative work that I do to try and make this park more professional.

It is also hard being in the ‘public eye’, since I am such a private person.

I hate not having free time and being lazy, like I used to be. Every waking moment is filled with things to do.

But anyways. Enough of that.

Not sure what else I should write. I want to write more, but finding the time is exhausting. I have so many things I want to do. Lose weight, eat right, write more, home projects, office projects. The list goes on and on and on.

In my iPod:

  • Aquarius – 25th Annviersary Edition
  • Take Me Out – Franz Ferdidnand
  • Vacation – Connie Francis
  • Eldest – Audiobook (Eragon Book 2)
  • Hurt – Christina Aquilera
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