I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…

That is from a Madelaine Payroux song that I have…

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and post, but I am installing Windows XP on a computer, so I have some time (19 minutes to be exact).

It has been crazy around here. We received our tax refunds, so we have been shopping.

We purchased the baby items that we still need. I purchased a bigger flat screen monitor for my design work and a new digital camera that is Professional grade. It has detachable lenses, a separate flash and can take pictures in RAW format.

Most consumers have never heard of a RAW format. Well, let me tell you it is nice. It literally holds all the information that the camera has about that picture. From the aperture, to the ISO setting used, to the Exposure, everything. And it keeps the Red, Green and Blue channels (what make up a color photo) separate, so that in editing the photo, I am able to do a lot more.

Basically, when I open one of these formats in my photoshop, this little menu comes up that lets me change the exposure, aperture, etc. And save those changes, without actually changing the file. Then I can open it up with those changes and save it as something else, yet still keep the original file untouched.

Very handy for all the stuff I do. See the picture above, I even feel more artisitc in my photographing now!

We also purchased an Airport Express. It is a little router, that connects to my wireless internet and allows me to play music over the network to my surround sound, and it lets me hook up a printer to it so that I can use the printer without it having to be connected to a computer.

Amy received a laptop, so that she can be more mobile with her volunteering. It really helps now that she is on a strict bedrest.

Oh, I should mention that…

Well, it turns out that Riley was breech last week, so we needed him to turn. Well he did, but he kept going and now he is sideways.

On top of that, since he is sideways his is pushing her pelvic bones apart, and that is where she was having problems before, due to her fall when she was pregnant with Courtney. She wasn’t able to barely walk, and now he is putting even more pressure on it, she says it feels like she is being ripped in two.

So the doctors said she MUST stay in bed or sit in a reclined position. So she has to stay that way for two weeks and hope that he turns the correct way, or else they will schedule her for a cesarean.

I am now officially done volunteering as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for my Community. I am now just the Communications/Marketing Chairperson. So I still have a lot of projects to do (Handbooks, policies, forms, website, flyers, etc.) but it is more fun and more relaxed than being the secretary. I HAD to have the minutes done before the next meeting. Most of the items I do now, just have a due date of SOON.

I am also still working with Best Buy. But not as much. I do have to go in their offices to do some work for a few days, I think next week. So I don’t know how we are getting the kids to school.

Not much else is going on. We are just taking it easy until Riley is born. I am a little nervous. It has been so long since we had Mikayla (5 years!)

Til next time,

Big Daddy

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