Well, the kids have a break from school, we have con­fer­ences tomor­row, and me and Dominic need to go on our Walk.

Dominic was hav­ing a rough time at school, so I thought that maybe me and him need­ed some Father/Son time. Well, a few weeks back they had the Mile walk at school and they inspired me to go out walk­ing. Well, I decid­ed this would be a per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty for me and him to go out and talk and bond.

Well, we went and walked once so far (work became hec­tic and home­work was tough) but he real­ly enjoyed it. When we can’t go out and walk, we walk in the house, or go in his bed­room and just talk about his day. I think it is real­ly helping.

So tomor­row, we are gonna go for a walk after lunch (then maybe play some games.)

I don’t have any assign­ments now until after Jan­u­ary, so my work is try­ing to find more work for me to do. I hope they find some­thing soon. But at least with this time off, I can revamp my port­fo­lio, read up on the lat­est design pro­grams and learn them, and fin­ish some projects I have had for a few years now.

Oth­er than that, not much else is going on.

Ya know, there is some real­ly good shows on TV right now. Close to home, medi­um, ghost whis­per­er, lost

Cur­rent­ly in my iPod:

Dol­ly Parton
Sheryl Crow

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