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Bullying: My Personal Experience.

I can still remember the day it all started. It was probably only the second week of 1st grade. In 1st grade we were merged with kids from the other kindergarten classes, the kids who don’t know you. I even remember the incident where the new kids even got friends from my kindergarten class to shun me and not help me with a group project. It was the first time that I would find myself doing a group project by myself. The first of many, many years of being alone. Continue reading

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Weekly Rantings

So, I haven’t really written in awhile. So I thought I better add something, before the few readers I do have, decide to leave. Hmm… where to start. I go into it with my mom on Wednesday night. I’m not … Continue reading

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10 Year Reunion at CHS

Well, so far there is no plan yet for a 10 year CHS reunion. BUT, Fear not! Bianca Ward is collecting contact information for the class of 96. If you would like your contact information included (fellow students) please let … Continue reading

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