Last week­end was a great weekend.

First, on Sat­ur­day we had Super Sat­ur­day Work­shop. Its always great to have some time in our scrap­books, but its even greater with friends. We had fun social­iz­ing and work­ing on projects together.

That evening we then had a Din­ner Crop, that one of our retreat atten­ders won. While they ate, Amy gave her CM spiel, so let them know about Cre­ative Mem­o­ries. And while we don’t put cat­a­logs out for a din­ner crop (because it is just about inform­ing them of the CM oppor­tu­ni­ties — Cus­tomer, Host, Con­sul­tant — and time for them to “crop”) a good chunk of those in atten­dance asked for cat­a­logs and we sold our first col­lec­tion bun­dle! With the pos­si­bil­i­ty of anoth­er. The per­son who bought a bun­dle, bought the soft­ware pack­ages, and is look­ing for­ward to play­ing with the dig­i­tal stuff. We also had anoth­er atten­der or two who are very inter­est­ed in the dig­i­tal side of things.

Amy was so excit­ed, since we weren’t even expect­ing that, and it put us clos­er to our goal of $1000 for the month (we’re work­ing on an exclu­sive album for con­sul­tants that will be used for our Mia­mi trip…its just to per­fect not to aim for it).

Open Wide

Then Sun­day we had a birth­day par­ty of a fam­i­ly mem­bers to go to, at a movie the­ater, where we got to tour the pro­jec­tion area. We had piz­za and cake in the par­ty room, watch “The Tooth Fairy” (a great movie) and then got the tour.

Okay, this was real­ly cool and not what I expected.

First, I always thought pro­jec­tors were in lit­tle rooms at the back of each the­ater. Not quite. This the­ater had all the pro­jec­tors in one long hall­ways that spanned the whole the­ater. I will nev­er com­plain about movie start times any­more, because there may be only one pro­jec­tion­ist on thee sched­ule and they have to run back and forth thread­ing film in pro­jec­tors, and start­ing machines up and down this long hall­way. And, get oth­er work done like splic­ing film togeth­er (A movie does­n’t come on one big roll, it is sent out on small­er rolls and reassem­bled at the the­ater, then dis­as­sem­bled and sent out after.)

I thought thread­ing a sewing machine could be dif­fi­cult. Wow, thread­ing a pro­jec­tor is insane! Watch this video for an example.

The oth­er thing I did­n’t expect is that they still use pro­jec­tors from the 30s & 40s. If you look at this pic­ture, the large box is new­er tech­nol­o­gy, but the actu­al pro­jec­tor lens area by the win­dow is the old­er stuff. I guess, if it was built well enough, why change it!?

We got to take home a small clip­ping of some film (about 7 frames each from the Shrek movie that will be com­ing out!)


Then we got to go in an area where they have large movie posters set up. The kids loved that. Riley loved the large Wall‑E and Kung Fu Panda.

We then went back to the par­ty room to col­lect our stuff and vis­it a lit­tle more.

It was a great weekend!

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