This past week I have had a tur­moil of emo­tions. Recent­ly some­thing came up, that I won’t go into detail over, that left me angry at first, then just irked, and now just hurt.

How do you deal with peo­ple close to you hurt­ing you? And why is it that when they hurt you, it affects you so deeply? Even when it may appear to be a small thing?

And why is it that these same types of peo­ple feel the need to find oth­ers to fault for their own prob­lems? Why don’t they look inter­nal­ly first? In their own envi­ron­ment to see if that is the cause, before point­ing fin­gers at oth­ers? Espe­cial­ly when they have no oth­er sup­port­ing data to sup­port their claim? And why do they feel the need to then share that with every­one else that is mutu­al­ly known?

I guess, the emo­tion I feel now, is just tired. I’m just tired of it all. I’m tired of putting forth the effort, when it doesn’t get me anywhere.

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