Well, we trekked up to Ober Gatlin­burg tramway. Oh my how it has changed. It was dead. Only peo­ple there were for the tram ride.

The Ski Resort!

When we got to the top, the shop are and stuff seemed dead too.

We decid­ed to have lunch at the Ober lounge and restau­rant. Which used to be home to the Hei­dle­burg Ger­man restau­rant we would vis­it before they moved down the moun­tain (which by the way is demol­ished and we can’t tell if they moved).

The ser­vice sucked. The wait­ress­es seemed bored and like she did­n’t want to be there. So she won’t get a big tip.

No. Bo-dy. Home.

We are wait­ing for our food, I’ll let ya know how it goes.

(Update: well, the ser­vice did suck. We had no sil­ver­ware and she came to our table 3 times and had­n’t noticed that we weren’t eat­ing our sal­ads. I know…we could have said something…but I want­ed to see how long it would take her. Final­ly when our meals arrived, I said something.)
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