Well, I can’t believe a week is over already and it is time to go home. (Well, actu­al­ly, we are already on our way and just crossed into Kentucky.)

But, by the time you get this, we will be at a hotel some­where for he night.

We had a lot of fun. But let me start where I left off.

I love this place

The last blog entry you should have received was about Ober Gatlin­burg. Well, after Ober, we had to rush down the street (actu­al­ly, quite a few streets) to get back to the Aquar­i­um so we could catch the Blue trol­ley back to the City Hall Park and Ride and then dri­ve over to Pigeon Forge for the Dix­ie Stampede.

The Dix­ie Stam­pede was a lot of fun, the food was fan­tas­tic as usu­al, and Riley just loved the horses.

You eat around a large corral

It was fun­ny actu­al­ly. Just before the show start­ed every­one went to use the restroom, except for Amy, myself and Riley. Well, just as every­one else got back, I decid­ed I should make a trip so I don’t miss the show. Just before I came out the show start­ed and as I got near our seats I could here Riley ask­ing (well, yelling), “Where’s Dad­dy? He is miss­ing the horses!”

We all had fun, cheer­ing and ‘STAM­PEDE­ing” our side. (Every­time the host yells “STAMPEDE” you have to stamp your feet on the ground, since your hands and mouths may be too full to clap and yell.)

Look Ma, No Silverware!

We were on the north side. It’s north against south. And they have some audi­ence par­tic­i­pa­tion. There is also no sil­ver­ware for your food. You drink your soup out of a bowl that has a han­dle and your drink out of a mason jar.

And yes, for those of you who know me well, I picked the chick­en off the bone all by myself. We had a roast­ed game hen/chicken thing.

After that, we went to the cab­in to relax.

The next day we took a leisure­ly pace and head­ed down to Gatlin­burg for some shop­ping and just whatever.

Cool cars

We split from Amy and Court­ney and the rest of us did some shop­ping and vis­it­ed the Star Cars Muse­um for the boys. They enjoyed see­ing all the cars from movies and races.

We stopped at Aunt Mahali­a’s can­dy Shop for last minute treats. You can see their site here.

We then head­ed back to the cab­int o pack up and get ready for the road.

And that is where we are now.

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