So, I decid­ed that per­haps I should make my blog­ging be as reg­u­lar as check­ing email. Since I do that once a day, right after I check email, I should blog.

So, we will try this lit­tle experiment.

So, I am sick. Or at least I was. I am feel­ing bet­ter now. (Except for this swollen upper lip). Don’t know if its a cold sore or some­thing else. Feels huge! (Does­n’t real­ly look it though).

Mon­day when I woke up, I had a 103 degree tem­per­a­ture. So I stayed home from work. Then Tues­day night, I still felt crum­my, so I left early.

But, I am feel­ing much bet­ter now. I just wish my lip would heal itself.

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