Yes, that was me. And yes…I was scream­ing like a lit­tle girl…

Why, do you ask?

A mouse.

Not just any mouse, but a mouse IN MY BOOT…

Not so bad, you say…


I was get­ting ready for work, the Sun­day Night before Christ­mas Eve. I was get­ting my boots on and stuffed my right foot into my boot.

There was some­thing hard in, what I can only describe as, the ‘cor­ner’ of my boot, by my lit­tle toe­sies. It did­n’t seem big.

I thought my sock had balled up, when putting my foot in. It was a tight fit.

So, I took part of my foot our and sort of ‘slammed’ it back in…twice..still there. K, maybe it is a lego or toy Riley dropped in there (this has hap­pened before).

I was going to just leave it and deal with it at work. I was run­ning late.

But then I thought, no, this is my dri­ving foot, this is gonna bug me.

So I took my foot out of my boot, raised it up about eye lev­el (to see in) and shook it.


Well, if I had been pay­ing atten­tion, that lit­tle stone I saw fall out would have tipped me off…as I lat­er realized…it was a mouse nugget.

So I then reached up into my boot and felt some­thing fur­ry and some­what hard.

Let me back track. The day before my wife had spot­ted the mouse when we had com­pa­ny over.

So I imme­di­ate­ly though, “OH CRAP. Megabyte caught the mouse and put the dead thing into my boot.”

EEEEEEKKKK! I touched a dead mouse….I dropped the boot and ran to my moth­er’s room right behind me. (As most of you know. She is the ter­mi­na­tor of icky things in our house).

“MOM! I just touched a dead mouse in my boot!”

“Oh Lord…” was all she said. As we turned from her room and toward where my boots lay, I saw a mouse jump out and run towards the couch.


Suf­fice it to say, we didn’t find it (until the next day, when Amy acci­den­tal­ly killed it—another long and enter­tain­ing sto­ry). But I still haven’t and refuse to wear those boots.

Eeeek. Yes. Eeek. I think that about sums it up.

1 thought on “EEEEEKKKK!

  1. OH fun­ny. But I know where you are com­ing from. I was once in a vacant house get­ting a water test. It was in the day, but there was no elec­tric­i­ty to the house (I found out lat­er). I was walk­ing around cau­tious­ly as I usu­al­ly did try­ing to find the cir­cuit box (hop­ing it was­n’t in the base­ment!) No such luck (IT WAS!) But before I got that far, I stepped on some­thing hard and when I turned to look, it was a dead, frozen mouse but I still jumped a foot in the air and freaked out!!

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