Well… so much has hap­pened since the last post…


I don’t want to get into it. Lets just say, I am done with all the drama.

I am work­ing with a nw client (which is always good). Kel­ly had her wed­ding and even though a few things went wrong with the wed­ding (like my card fail­ing in the mid­dle of the cer­e­mo­ny and I thought I lost every­thing.) Things did turn out (like find­ing a great pro­gram that restored the card so that I did­n’t lose those photos).

It was a won­der­ful day. Kel­ly looked absolute­ly GORGEOUS! The Brides­maids were all beau­ti­ful and the Grooms­men all had Zoot Suits and looked dashing!

And Kel­ly’s two chil­dren (Devin and Kiana) looked so cute! It was a very fun event.

Now I just have to edit all the pho­tos, upload them and get them printed.

I do start a new job on July 10th. I am excit­ed, it will be nice to work full time again. Even if it is for only a few months.

Til lat­er!

UPDATE: Just noticed that it was exact­ly a month ago since my last post! Wow, I need to work on that!

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