Okay, if you can’t tell, that is my ver­sion of the “Where have all the Cow­boy’s Gone” by that one chick singer.

So, update!

The board meet­ing went pret­ty okay on Sun­day. Some peo­ple that I was real­ly pissed at, actu­al­ly held some deco­rum, and smoothed out the wrin­kles that I had with them.

So we are okay now. There are still some things I am not too hap­py about, but I am hap­py enough that I don’t have to be Sec­re­tary any­more. I can con­cen­trate on the projects that I have to do for the community.

Oh, our refund mon­ey is here!!!!! I am going SHOPPING!…No wait, BUYING!!!

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