That is from a Made­laine Pay­roux song that I have…

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and post, but I am installing Win­dows XP on a com­put­er, so I have some time (19 min­utes to be exact).

It has been crazy around here. We received our tax refunds, so we have been shopping.

We pur­chased the baby items that we still need. I pur­chased a big­ger flat screen mon­i­tor for my design work and a new dig­i­tal cam­era that is Pro­fes­sion­al grade. It has detach­able lens­es, a sep­a­rate flash and can take pic­tures in RAW format.

Most con­sumers have nev­er heard of a RAW for­mat. Well, let me tell you it is nice. It lit­er­al­ly holds all the infor­ma­tion that the cam­era has about that pic­ture. From the aper­ture, to the ISO set­ting used, to the Expo­sure, every­thing. And it keeps the Red, Green and Blue chan­nels (what make up a col­or pho­to) sep­a­rate, so that in edit­ing the pho­to, I am able to do a lot more.

Basi­cal­ly, when I open one of these for­mats in my pho­to­shop, this lit­tle menu comes up that lets me change the expo­sure, aper­ture, etc. And save those changes, with­out actu­al­ly chang­ing the file. Then I can open it up with those changes and save it as some­thing else, yet still keep the orig­i­nal file untouched.

Very handy for all the stuff I do. See the pic­ture above, I even feel more artisitc in my pho­tograph­ing now!

We also pur­chased an Air­port Express. It is a lit­tle router, that con­nects to my wire­less inter­net and allows me to play music over the net­work to my sur­round sound, and it lets me hook up a print­er to it so that I can use the print­er with­out it hav­ing to be con­nect­ed to a computer.

Amy received a lap­top, so that she can be more mobile with her vol­un­teer­ing. It real­ly helps now that she is on a strict bedrest.

Oh, I should men­tion that…

Well, it turns out that Riley was breech last week, so we need­ed him to turn. Well he did, but he kept going and now he is sideways.

On top of that, since he is side­ways his is push­ing her pelvic bones apart, and that is where she was hav­ing prob­lems before, due to her fall when she was preg­nant with Court­ney. She was­n’t able to bare­ly walk, and now he is putting even more pres­sure on it, she says it feels like she is being ripped in two.

So the doc­tors said she MUST stay in bed or sit in a reclined posi­tion. So she has to stay that way for two weeks and hope that he turns the cor­rect way, or else they will sched­ule her for a cesarean.

I am now offi­cial­ly done vol­un­teer­ing as the Sec­re­tary for the Board of Direc­tors for my Com­mu­ni­ty. I am now just the Communications/Marketing Chair­per­son. So I still have a lot of projects to do (Hand­books, poli­cies, forms, web­site, fly­ers, etc.) but it is more fun and more relaxed than being the sec­re­tary. I HAD to have the min­utes done before the next meet­ing. Most of the items I do now, just have a due date of SOON.

I am also still work­ing with Best Buy. But not as much. I do have to go in their offices to do some work for a few days, I think next week. So I don’t know how we are get­ting the kids to school.

Not much else is going on. We are just tak­ing it easy until Riley is born. I am a lit­tle ner­vous. It has been so long since we had Mikay­la (5 years!)

Til next time,

Big Dad­dy

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