What a day.

It start­ed out good. We went over to my great-aunts and grand­moth­ers in the morn­ing to do gifts and brunch. My dad was­n’t there yet, so we did our gifts and helped fin­ish the get the food ready.

Final­ly my dad shows up and we said hi, he came in and set his stuff down. And the most hor­rid thing happened…

My ex-uncle, Skip, walked in (my dad’s old­er broth­er). I imme­di­ate­ly got a headache.

This man ver­bal­ly abused me for 20 years. This man is so vile, that when­ev­er he was around, my dad would even join in with him and ver­bal­ly abuse me as well. I think it was a con­trol issue. This man had such an influ­ence in my father’s life (as an autho­r­a­tive fig­ure) that my dad became this kid that need­ed approval.

So he walks in. And I am imme­di­ate­ly pissed. Pissed at the fact that they had men­tioned that he would be in town and we specif­i­cal­ly said we did­n’t want to see him, if he was going to be there, we would not. They said he would­n’t. For weeks they said he would not be there.

So we were pissed that he was there.

I guess I should explain, the main I rea­son I don’t want to be around this man, was that the last time I saw him, we got into a HUGE argu­ment, because he was try­ing to do the same thing to my son, that he did to me. Telling us to make sure he does­n’t become a fag, etc. And say­ing this to Dominic, who was only 4 or 5 at the time. And he kept call­ing him sparky.

So I was extreme­ly pissed, I imme­di­ate­ly moved all our din­ner plates to anoth­er table, away from them. But then they all ate in the liv­ing room, so that did­n’t help mat­ters. Every­thing was pret­ty much okay, he did­n’t try to talk to me or my fam­i­ly. But the ten­sion was in the air. Espe­cial­ly, with my dad, like he knew I was pissed and he was pleased at it. Which made me even more aggravated.

As we were get­ting ready to leave, they were talk­ing about Mikay­la in Dance and Dominic men­tioned that he used to be in dance, but now he is wrestling (which he isn’t) and then my ex-uncle says, “Good, we don’t want you to become a sis­sy boy” (or some­thing to that nature.)

I was so glad we were on our way out, that I let it slide and we imme­di­ate­ly left.

So then we left and came home, and got ready for our next par­ty. Which was such a HUGE hit. We had lots more fun. Every­thing turned out great and we loved see­ing everyone!

Thank­ful­ly tomor­row is Christ­mas and it will be a bet­ter day!

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