My mom­my dropped me on my head and look what it did…

I was in Spe­cial Ed grow­ing up and me and a friend came up with a song sung to the tune of the Toys-R-Us song… we were real­ly bored. 

the rea­son I am singing that now is Amy men­tioned that wher­ev­er she goes, peo­ple make her tell the sto­ry and sing the song… kin­da funny.

And way, I had a good weekend.

I fin­ished work, got to go shop­ping and fin­ished paint­ing my din­ing room with grapevines. 

Made BLTs, snick­er sal­ad and even had time to make choco­late chip cook­ies and my famous Chicken/Mandarin Orange/Red Grapde sal­ad… Mom­ma Mona will kill me when she finds that out!

I even fin­ished work­ing on the DVD of Jen­nifer­’s wed­ding. So that felt good. Now I just need to fin­ish the recep­tion, my Dol­ly LPs, Home movies and I think I am set for a while.

I have the next week off, which sucks, but at the same time, it will be nice to have a week off before my birth­day! It’s my gold­en birth­day ya know.…

Til lat­er!

Stuff in my iPod or on iTunes:

  • Annie — Great­est Hits
  • Linkin Park — From the Inside
  • J.M.F.D. — Share
  • Same Day Ser­vice — OK Alright
  • Katie Todd Band — Face Down
  • Yo Viviré (I Will Sur­vive) — Celia Cruz
  • Eisa — Tiakoza
  • This old House — Bert

2 thoughts on “I don’t wanna grow up… I’m a special ed kid…

  1. Now, Bert, you have to remem­ber that you were in a reg­u­lar kinder­garten class…you and I were in Mrs. Sul­li­van’s kinder­garten class together…way back when.

  2. And if mem­o­ry serves me right, I don’t think I was in a spe­cial ed class until around 2nd grade. I know I was in Chap­ter 1 for a year and then I went into Spe­cial Ed for math. Of course they were all seper­ate class­es that I would go to for a half hour or so.

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