While my rel­a­tives were down, I tried to do some DVD work (I had just got my PC back from the shop) and my DVD dri­ve gives me some Cycle Redun­dan­cy Check error.

Well I try dif­fer­ent stuff, even refor­mat and rein­stall my entire PC. Same thing. So I call the man­u­fac­tur­er and they say they need to send me a new one. So I shipped it off today, hope­ful­ly I will get the new one soon.

Isn’t tech­nol­o­gy great?!

(UPDATE: I found out months lat­er, that this error can be caused by a dirty disc, dirty lens, or sim­ply encod­ing on the DVD that you are try­ing to read from. If I get this error now, I sim­ply give up.)

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