My kids are so much like me. They would rather watch infomer­cials than car­toons. And they mem­o­rize every sin­gle thing so they can repeat it to us later.

Ask my son what the vac­u­um food saver can do and he will tell you it can crush 24 cans, save you thou­sands on your gro­cery bill by buy­ing in bulk and keep your meat fresh for up to a year or more.

Ask my youngest daugh­ter about bare essen­tials and she will tell you that it’s make­up that does­n’t feel cakey. It is only three pow­der foun­da­tions that allow your nat­ur­al beau­ty to come through, yet hide blem­ish­es and age spots.

Ask them about the mag­ic bul­let and they will direct you to our kitchen. yep, we bought one. And it was worth it.

We are a fru­gal (is that the word I want) fam­i­ly when it comes to our kitchen wares. We have the Mir­a­cle Blade III knife set and they do every­thing they say they do. We are a pam­pered chef fam­i­ly and have about 80% of the cat­a­log. And now we have the mag­ic bullet.

For those of you who have no idea what the mag­ic bul­let is, it is basi­cal­ly a blender/grinder/food proces­sor. But the unique thing is that you put every­thing into spe­cial cups (small, large and han­dle mugs) and attach the cor­rect blade (you get two types) and put it on the bul­let base (where you can lock it on or use the “pulse” tech­nique where you tap it for quick bursts of spinning).

But what it neat is that you put every­thing into the cup and attach the blade cov­er and then turn it all upside down and place it on the base. Unlike a blender where every­thing is thrown in on the top. It also comes with a blender size con­tain­er and juicer attach­ment (that works very well).

The dif­fer­ent blades and dif­fer­ent cups are handy. In 5 min­utes every­one had their own fla­vored smooth­ie in their respec­tive mix­ing mug. Do that in a blender and you have to clean it out between fla­vors. Amy and I had 2 dif­fer­ent types of omelets for break­fast. I made apple­sauce, apple juice, and chick­en sal­ad for my work din­ner all in 10 minutes.

Usu­al­ly we don’t go for gim­micks on TV. Like the grid­dle/sandwich mak­er thingy or the rotis­serie thing. But what we do buy, we usu­al­ly are hap­py with.

So take a look at the mag­ic bul­let, and see that it is worth it. (it also came with a 101 recipe book that tells you how to make breads, frost­ings, dips, cakes, sauces, marinades…should I go on?)

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