I had such a pleas­ant week­end this past week­end. Even if I had to get up at 10 am on a Saturday!

First, I hate road trips. The long dri­ve, the cranky kids. It just sucks! So nor­mal­ly I fall asleep and let my wife deal with it all. I know, I know, that is kind of mean, but I just can’t (or should I say don’t want to) deal with all that jazz. (That and it real­ly is hard for me to stay awake on long trips).

We had to drop off Devin, stop at the store and stop at the gas sta­tion to do pot­ty breaks. By the time we were done with all that and on the road. We were halfway to her sis­ters house and it was already noon, so I was wide awake.

But it was a pleas­ant dri­ve. My wife and I chat­ted about stuff, the kids played qui­et­ly and we had a nice dri­ve (even if she did 80 a few times!)

When we got up to her sis­ters house in Onamia, all the kids were hap­py to see us. We had to “tip toe through the dog poo” (I wish it was tulips!) Then clean off our shoes. But that was okay.

We vis­it­ed for a while, had lunch, vis­it­ed some more. Plugged the iPod into their home the­atre and lis­tened to music. Let the kids ride bikes out­side. Before we knew it, it was like 7 pm. So then we had din­ner and decid­ed to sleep over. (They real­ly want­ed us too!)

So we put the kids to bed and had some adult time. We played the no name game (a real­ly cool card game with 10 goals you have to do. The first to do all ten ends the game, but whomev­er with the low­est score wins) Kin­da like Rum­my 500 but with goals and cer­tain rules. I was the first to get through all 10. Which is usu­al­ly hard to do and takes quite awhile, but # 8, 9 and 10 just fell into place with­in the third round for each goal. But Amy came out first, then Jen, then me and Jason was last with the high­est score.

After that we blew up the air mat­tress, and fell asleep.

We awoke the next morn­ing and every­one had break­fast while I fell asleep in the chair, while the kids kin­da nois­i­ly played on the PS2. At one point Jen came over and whis­pered to me that her side of the bed was open (Jason was tak­ing a nap) and that I could go sleep in their room away from all the noise. But I was too tired to move.

Appar­ent­ly much lat­er Jason was awake and was try­ing all sorts of stuff to wake me up. Like putting loud toys right next to my ear. Amy final­ly woke me up. We chit-chat­ted some more and then head­ed on home around noon.

We picked up Quiznos for din­ner on our way home and then set­tled down and watched Super­man III with the kids and Devin. Every­one loved it.

We sent the kids of to bed and then stayed up and watched some infomer­cial and decid­ed we are going to get the Mag­ic Bul­let chop­ping sys­tem (seems handy enough) and a tri­al run of the Bare Essen­tials Cos­met­ics for Amy. (UPDATE: Nev­er did get the Bare Essen­tials for Amy. We did get the Mag­ic Bullet).

All in all it was a great week­end and I loved spend­ing time with my family.

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