I hate banks. All these hoops and fees that they have. It is such crap.

The bank I am cur­rent­ly at (not nam­ing name–Not Wells Far­go, Not TCF, the only oth­er major one left!) has this ridicu­lous pol­i­cy that if you deposit a check that is not direct deposit­ed, then you have to wait 24 to 48 busi­ness hours before the funds become avail­able (unless you have enough in your account already to match that amount). They only make $100 of it available.

For the past 4 weeks I have been hit with over­draft fees because tech­ni­cal­ly my check was “avail­able” one day late! So they took out over $600 in fees. What kind of shit is that!!!

We are going to our local cred­it union this week­end and get­ting a new account. They don’t pull that crap nor do they plan too. My cur­rent bank said that all banks would be switch­ing to that pol­i­cy in a month or two. SO WATCH OUT!

Oth­er than that every­thing is okey-dok­ie! This week­end we go to a Twins game. I haven’t been to one in years! Since I was in Cub Scouts. After that we go up to Ter­ri’s for a Karaoke con­test she is host­ing and prob­a­bly spend the night or some­thing! I am sooo excited!

Cur­rent music in my iPod:

  • Celine Dion - Amar Hacien­do el Amor, Fever
  • RuPaulLook­ing Good, Feel­ing Gor­geous (all 7 remixes)
  • The Wilken­sons26 Cents
  • JemThey (Sor­ry, not the 80s cartoon)
  • Jedd Hugh­esHigh Lone­some
  • Jane MoheitOver the Rainbow
  • Lee Ann Wom­ackBucka­roo

I sug­gest going and get­ting iTunes and down­load­ing it (need Win­dows XP or a mac) and get­ting these songs online! They are worth the 99 cents!

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