Bust­ed my ass at work tonight to get done ear­ly so I could meet my friend at the bar they hang out at on Tues­days. I had a great time. I got to meet her new love. Seems like a real­ly nice per­son and I am hap­py for her. She filled me in on the lat­est gos­sip and hap­pen­ings at my old job. WOW!

Tonight I real­ized that I am bad at say­ing good bye or exit­ing a con­ver­sa­tion. As we were part­ing, she said, Dri­ve safe­ly and it was great see­ing you and all I said was, “yeah!” I could have said, “You dri­ve safe too and it was great see­ing you again.” But I did­n’t, I felt like an idiot!

So, Kiki, Dri­ve safe­ly, and it was GREAT see­ing you again and I real­ly missed you!

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