Tonight I blacked out and fell.

Only the sec­ond time in my life.

First time was after my wis­dom teeth surgery and I smacked my jaw on the bath­room counter on my way down.

Tonight was also in the bath­room (I think there’s a sign there…)

I had­n’t been feel­ing well the last few days (upset stom­ach, aller­gies, sinus headaches) so I was up all day today. I fig­ured I would get up and go lay down before work.

I stopped off at the bath­room to “emp­ty my tank” and as I’m stand­ing there I instant­ly felt hot and not real­ly dizzy, but felt like I might be sick. I quick­ly fin­ished, grabbed onto the cab­i­net unit over our toi­let to steady myself.…

.…and that’s the last I remember.

I woke up feel­ing like I had a nice lit­tle nap, and then instant­ly felt pan­icked. Real­iz­ing my head was lean­ing over the dog’s food dish against the wall, my legs cramped up against the toi­let (my body in the tiny space between toi­let and sink counter).

I try and suc­cess­ful­ly extract myself from the space and some­how man­age to stand up, and stum­ble to my bed­room. I lay down and start to feel pain over my body.

My shin hurt, my back, but not my head.

Amy had just got home and the kids are freak­ing out at her. She comes in and ass­es my dam­age with her first aid training.

So I’ve been lying here with ice packs on and her check­ing my eye­’s dila­tion every 30 minutes.

Appar­ent­ly I had hit the toi­let with my shin so hard that I shift­ed the toi­let two inch­es. My leg is bruised and a lit­tle swollen. It had an “indent” from rest­ing on some­thing while I was passed out, but that’s back to normal.

I scrapped my back on the way down and Amy thinks I light­ly knocked my head 3 times on the way down. Once on the counter, once on the toi­let paper hold­er and once on the wall or dog dish. My head does­n’t hurt at all, but I have some slight bruis­es and some scraps.

I’m bet­ter now, I have a great nurse (although she can be a lit­tle demanding).

She thinks it hap­pened because I had only eat­en at break­fast and had­n’t drank any water all day. I was either dehy­drat­ed or had low blood sug­ar or both. So she’s been hav­ing me drink water and feed­ing me.

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