I got yelled at on face­book. I posted:

You know some­thing is going on, when you hear whispering…and you get up and your wife rush­es out to ask if you are going to bed and tries to “tuck you in”…I fought my way past her, my mom and Court­ney to my office to see what they did.…

And some friends of mine posted:

David: and…? no fair leav­ing the suspense.

Kel­ly: I agree with David — no fair. When you wake up (again) please post the rest of the story! 🙂

Tam­my: Right!!!

So here is the full sto­ry. The best part is the first half.

Sat­ur­day night I was sched­uled for over­time at work. But it was cancelled.

I end­ed up falling asleep in my chair, and at around 9 p.m. I decid­ed to move off to my bed­room. Main­ly because I could­n’t feel my left arm or leg. they fell asleep.

As I am sit­ting in the chair, wait­ing for feel­ing to come back, I hear this whis­per­ing com­ing from the back of the house, where my office is.

I final­ly get up, and start head­ing over there and there is Amy, Court­ney and Cindy in the kitchen talking.

Amy looks over at me and sweet­ly says, “Are you going to bed sweet­ie?” and I tell her “yes.” She then ush­ers me into our bed­room and and tries to push me onto our bed…I knew some­thing was up.

So I try and mus­cle past her and she push­es me down and I hit the bed, and with pure momen­tum, my feet fly up into the air, and when I swing them back down I make my upper body fol­low them to get me back up.

Amy cries out, “He’s like a damn wee­ble-wob­ble! Stop him!” and my Mom (next in line), just moves out of my way…she saw a big man comin and ran.

Court­ney, the last line of defense, tries to stop me, but I used my weight and chan­neled my inner foot­ball play­er and pushed past her and got into my office.

I’m look­ing around (half tired too) and don’t notice any­thing right away. Slow­ly I start notic­ing things.

My office looks clean­er for one. All my piles of crap are in nicer piles of crap.

Then I notice one of my cab­i­nets is cleaned off and my Ori­en­tal Col­lec­tion from the bed­room dress­er is sit­ting there. Then I notice more of the col­lec­tion by my monitors.

Cab­i­nets are cleaned out a lit­tle. My Chi­nese Take-out lamp is on my desk, my small asian wood­en dish­es are now hold­ing my keys and oth­er small­er items.

Amy then tells me that I was sup­posed to be going to work, so she could fin­ish! She was also going to try and fix my cab­i­net doors that are hang­ing on by one screw each.

And that was pret­ty much it. I then crawled into bed.

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