Late­ly I have been watch­ing a lit­tle TV, lay­ing in bed, before sleep­ing for the day.

This morn­ing, after Amy left to take Court­ney to school, I hear Riley come thumpin through the house and he opens my bed­room door, with that look on his face of “where’s my mom!”.

I told him before he could even say any­thing, “Mom­my went to take Bear to school, she’l­ll be right back”.

I fig­ured he would then shut the door and go to grand­ma’s room, like usu­al, but what I was watch­ing on the TV must have caught his eye (Smal­l­ville) and he climbed up into my bed and shim­mied to the tiny space in front of me on the edge of the bed (TV is on my side).

I scoot­ed back a lit­tle to make more room for him and he snug­gled in. I put my arm around him, (I think I felt him inter­nal­ly sigh), and we watched the show until Amy came home and in the room.

She asked him (sound­ing all sur­prised), “My Riley is awake, what are you doin? Are you watch­ing TV with dad­dy? What are you watch­ing?” and he paused and I whis­pered “smal­l­ville” and he blurts out, “yeah! Smallville”.

And he stayed there until Amy men­tioned Tod­dler Tues­day, and he was off like the flash.

The snug­gle time was great while it last­ed. Its not often he snug­gles in with me, like he used to when he was a baby*. So I take it when I can.

I love all my snugglers.

*Foot­note: When he was a baby, Amy would sneak him into the crook of my arm, while I was asleep and he would take his naps with me dur­ing the day.

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