So on Fri­day night we got to hang out with Katie and Troy for a din­ner and a movie.

I can’t say enough about Katie and Troy. I am so blessed to have them both in my fam­i­ly’s life.

They are super awe­some friends (I would even say their my best friends!) who come to just about all our fam­i­ly func­tions (I guess that would make them fam­i­ly would­n’t it!?) They try to come to all our kids school events, birth­days, what have you, when they can make it.

Katie even helps out Amy and I in our Cre­ative Mem­o­ries busi­ness; not only as a cus­tomer, but as an idea mak­er, plan­ner, and even (like this Fri­day Night) a work­er bee.

Troy is equal­ly as awe­some. He built my com­put­er (which kicks ass!) and is very knowl­edge­able. He has helped me with some web cod­ing projects (that I would­n’t have been able to take on with­out him) and we are both geeks and have plen­ty in com­mon to talk about. And like me, he’s a gamer (but much bet­ter at it…he under­stands WoW gear stats…)

I did­n’t have a whole lot of friends grow­ing up, so its great to have friends in my adult life that I can just call and say “I need peo­ple” and they show up with din­ner (yep, they did that. I was hav­ing the worst day of my life, and they showed up with take-out for the whole family.…)

We even watch out for each oth­ers aller­gies. We even gave up sodi­um (as much as we can, its hard to find stuff low sodi­um) to help them with their tran­si­tion to low sodium.

I could­n’t imag­ine what my life would be like with out them. (Thanks Katie and Troy, you guys are the best and I luv ya!)

Okay, I went off on a tan­gent. Anyways.….back to why I am writ­ing this post.

We ate at the Flame in Roseville and then saw Clash of the Titans in 3D. (I won’t go into huge detail, but basi­cal­ly: a) we had crap­py ser­vice from the wait­ress even though she kept call­ing me sweet­heart and dar­ling, b) we shopped at the mall to kill time; c) I liked the orig­i­nal Clash bet­ter. But this one was good.)

While we were shop­ping, Katie, Amy and I all went to Godi­va to get our free month­ly choco­late (we’re all club mem­bers) and I saw these cute lit­tle choco­late (orange creme) chicks for East­er. There was 6 in a box, per­fect for my fam­i­ly, so I bought them.

We had East­er on Sat­ur­day, but I final­ly go around to eat­ing mine tonight.

Chocoalte Chicks (with a choco­late orange creme fill­ing) NOM NOM NOM

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