Troy’s new toy!

My friend Troy (and his wife Katie) rocks! He got a new toy today! A Yel­low CAMARO!!!! It rocks!

It gets its stripes next week. I am so print­ing him a BEE-OTCH stick­er from the movie (which I just hap­pen to have as a vec­tor EPS) and I am so find­ing him a dis­co ball keychain!

He came over today to show me and gave me a ride in it. Its HAWSOME!

But, I told him he has to mod it so that every­time he uses his key­fob for the secu­ri­ty, it needs to make trans­former sounds.…

So…Troy…when are you, Russ and I going for a dri­ve? We need an outing…Like my room­mate had told me about my 1970-some­thing Maverick…I’m gonna say to you…“This car has so much sex appeal.….until Russ gets in it.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh! When you get your stripes, I wan­na do a pho­to shoot (I know, I know, your mar­ried to a pho­tog­ra­ph­er already, but I need some prac­tice shoot­ing cars and stuff… okay, I real­ly just want this in my portfolio!)

My view…
Troy in the dri­ver seat!
The con­sole has XM radio, it’s own PHONE NUMBER!, blue­tooth and a USB port for his iPhone! (The radio just hap­pens to be plaing “The High­way” by Zac Brown Band…as we were on the highway…lol)

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