You can tell, when your sick, that you got some good med­ica­tion, by the whacked out dreams you have.

I had a whacked out one this afternoon.

I was back at my par­ents old house, when Riley, My wife Amy.….and Amy the COP from work. (Not a real cop, but that is what we call our Client Oper­a­tions Peeps).

It was late, Riley has passed out on the couch, my wife was already in our room asleep. My par­ents were asleep and at this point I did­n’t know that Amy the COP was liv­ing their too. I fig­ured I would stay up and watch some t.v. in the liv­ing room, and if I fell asleep, there was a anoth­er couch I could sleep on. Main­ly so Riley would­n’t be alone.

So I noticed I had­n’t put food away from ear­li­er (some Chi­nese food). And so I put it away and got me some­thing else to eat.As well as went around the house and turned off all the lights, locked the doors and such. (And ran back upstairs like I used to, cause I did­n’t like the dark.)

Then Amy the COP appears from nowhere, look­ing for the food I put away. She need­ed it for a col­lege assign­ment. The sub­ject was some­thing like “bach­e­lor food items” stuff bach­e­lors would put togeth­er or eat. (Don’t ask me, she is mar­ried her­self, so I don’t know what the class was about). I told her I put it away, that it was mine from ear­li­er, but she could have it for the class (my par­ents always had tons of food around). But the more I thought about it, I found a  bet­ter option…Ramen Noo­dles. She was hap­py with that.

Cut scene to some mono­rail car. My wife and I, are in this Mono­rail thing, I think Amy the COP was with us. Riley was not (must have still been sleep­ing on the couch).

There is this guy and his 7 month old there too, and he just puts the kid in my lap, so that he can go do some­thing. Cute kid so I did­n’t mind.

Then cut scene to out­side the mono­rail and I am watch­ing the whole thing. Amy, Amy and the guy are not in the car any­more. I am watch­ing the mono­rail car, go across this long bring and these windy roads to this build­ing on this tall (I mean tall) plateau where this pen­i­ten­tiary was for mutants (weird I know).

Appar­ent­ly this Lady, her Old­est son, her daugh­ter and younger son, all were in some acci­dent or some­thing. The youngest two were able to get away, but the cops took the mom and her old­est son to this place cause they had pow­ers and they thought they caused the crash (they did­n’t, they were innocent).

So the younger two (now adults, and cops no less…noticing a theme here with cops). Came to break them out.

As they are meet­ing with the mom and broth­er, the mom tells them to go, have a nor­mal life…and the daugh­ter says, “Who said any­thing about nor­mal” and a tiny laser shoots from her eye and melts a very tiny part of a chain link fence sep­a­rat­ing them, while the younger broth­er “repairs” it. They were mutants too. I guess its a fam­i­ly thing.

So they break them out. And they are back in the mono­rail car, head­ing over the long bridge. What they don’t know is some oth­er cop saw them use their pow­ers and so every­one is going to blow up the bridge to stop them.

But Bat­man’s car is behind them on the bridge (going side­ways and mak­ing screech­ing nois­es on the track, its a car, not a monorail…but wait! The tires trans­form and now it IS a monorail.)

All of a sud­den, I am Bat­man, and I push their car to go faster across the bridge (I have nitro you know…) And I get them across just as the bridge blows up…but there is some cord attached to my car, which is attached to their car, and its pulling us down with the bridge.

So I eject out of the car, som­er­sault over the cars. I am hold­ing onto this rope that is pulling the cars and I use my batarang, to slice the cable. Sav­ing the day.

And then I woke up.

Weird thing I real­ized when I woke up…Amy the COP likes Bat­man. (the real Bat­man, not the “me” Bat­man in the dream…that had noth­ing to do with the dream, oth­er than per­haps that was the con­nec­tion in the dream of why I tran­si­tioned to that. Who the hell knows)

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