Amy Candlelight Dinner
Amy made din­ner for us.

Today’s pho­to is not here. I thought I could maybe upload it on my break, but alas, I couldn’t.

I had used my big cam­era, and so it was in RAW for­mat, and I need it in JPG and my work mac’s ver­sion of Pho­to­shop (its a lit­tle old) does­n’t open Cam­era RAW. So, I have to wait until I get home.

But, I can at least tell you the story.

So, I woke up, grog­gy as usually…didn’t felt like I slept, then I noticed our robes were tak­en off our win­dows, so it was lighter in the room (our nor­mal cur­tains are two thin…so we place our robes over them to make it real­ly dark for me)…I think that may have been the problem.

So I am sit­ting in my office, and Amy comes back from the store and quick­ly comes over with the mini card table, and holds it in front of her (block­ing off my office from the rest of the house) and says, “Oh good, it’ll fit”…(I am real­ly con­fused now, but keep working.)

She then con­tin­ues to set­up the card table while talk­ing to me. When she is done, she tells Court­ney (who is in the kitchen), “I blocked him in Court­ney”. And I thought to myself (out loud), “Good, maybe I can get some work done!”

She then puts some­thing in the microwave and it starts sparking…(she put in our chi­na plates that have a tiny met­al ring around them)…

She then puts two tiny plates down on the table (one for her and one for me), runs away and then comes back with sil­ver­ware, runs away again, and then comes back with a can­dle, and lights it.

Yep, she made us a quick can­dle­light din­ner, since she would­n’t be home tonight. (She had a leader meeting).

How cute was that? She even picked up the Chick­en Kiev from Fes­ti­val Deli (which they haven’t had them in quite awhile, so it was a treat!)

Thanks hun­ny, I love you!

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